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don’t go gentle into that good night

Science fiction is an existential metaphor that allows us to tell stories about the human condition.
Isaac Asimov

Interstellar is my favorite movie of 2014, and not just because it’s science fiction, but because it’s science fiction at its best: concerning about the future, the past, a parallel universe or outer space, good science-fiction has a unique ability to show us who we are, illuminating our humanity against a bizarre and full of imagination background, telling our story through metaphor.
Interstellar is a cosmic epopee with a formidable epicness, born of a story of love and sacrifice. It is bold, stunning and heartbreaking. It is intelligent and emotive, and displays a fascinating balance between the wonder of its images and the captivating reflection on what makes us human. It is full of beautiful and bold answers in a journey through the stars that brings us to our limits to make way for hope.
And the story of Interstellar never neglects our potential —our essence, the unlimited ability to excel and reach further. Because —and here I will quote myself— among all the things that humans do, love is the most perfect of all and the only one worth.

And so I had to design two posters instead of just one

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