The Last Liquidator

For those Who Saved the World
Poster for The Last Liquidator, a short film by Adolfo Schreier.

Digitally painted, assembled and textured in Photoshop, using pictures from the shooting as reference.
If you want to know more about what a liquidator is, you can read this article from National Geographic magazine.

When I discovered Laura, I was amazed at the freshness and vision of this artist from Madrid who is able to surprise you with her proposals and innate talent. She looks at the project, seeks its essence and deconstructs it, like a haute cuisine chef, to bring out the best of your film. I admit it –I’m a big consumer of American movies and I can not deny I grew up admiring magnificent directors like George Lucas or Steven Spielberg, and they relied on a great artist like Drew Struzan to create their posters. Some may say I am exaggerating, but Laura is extremely talented and I think –if film producers are able to see the potential of this artist– we shortly will come to see her works on the facades of the cinemas of the Gran Vía. Undoubtedly, whenever I can and if she wants to, Laura will be responsible to show the world my next project.
– Adolfo Schreier, producer, writer and director.

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